Thursday, October 4, 2012

Journey to Work

Journey to Work
This is the story of my journey to work and to school...
I work for the College of the Redwoods
in rural Northern California.
It's a video that was created from still photos
just to give me the opportunity to see how
one could put stills and music together to 
create a video. I used an old version of 
Adobe Premiere 4 and found the experience 
to be a very interesting process that I would like
to continue to explore.

This is also the pre-task assignment for an undergraduate photography class 
being taught in the UK called #phonar.

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  1. This is great Bosha even treated as a largely technical exercise as you describe the is a rawness to it that draws me in - I'd love to hear this as a soundscape (see this week's task) - j